Weekender Sales (Only)



This section is specifically designed for inmates serving weekend sentences, (reporting Friday at 7:00p.m. to Sunday) and reporting with all weekender inmates on Friday evenings.  Weekenders are only allowed to purchase Weekender Canteen packages and e-cigarettes which will be delivered on Saturday.

IMPORTANT NOTICE REGARDING E-CIGARETTE PURCHASES: Weekender inmate age verification will occur prior to delivery.  If a weekender inmate is not over the age of 21, the order will not be delivered and the funds will credited back less fees.



Do not place orders if you are not serving your time starting at 7:00p.m. on Friday evening.  If you serve every other weekend, only place an order during the period (see delivery schedule) of time in which your order will be delivered to on a Saturday.

Orders must be completed by 11:59p.m. EST on Monday night for deliveries on Saturday.